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About the Code Social Enterprises

The Code Social Enterprises is founded on the basis of social entrepreneurship: impact first. The Code contains 5 main principles, which together display what social entrepreneurship stands for. All 5 principles of the Code are followed by a practical elaboration. The social entrepreneur can choose to endorse those principles – and therefore the Code. If the enterprise succeeds in realising its goals, which is assessed by the Review Board, the social enterprise will be admitted in the Register of Social Enterprises.

What is the purpose of the Code Social Enterprises?

The Code Social Enterprises creates recognisability and trust. If an enterprise is included in the Register, everyone – from consumer to government and from employee to investor – is able to see that it, down to the very core of its business practises, is a social enterprise. The Code is also a tool on the road to growth and improvement: social entrepreneurship is a process in which the Code is able to act as guide.

And last but not least, by joining the Register, the social entrepreneur becomes part of a community of driven entrepreneurs who, each in their own way, pursue the same goal: impact first! The companies in the Register keep each other sharp - through peer review  - and stimulate each other through the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

How does the Code Social Enterprises work?

Every registration by a social entrepreneur is followed by an assessment process. If this process leads to admission,  the social enterprise is admitted in the Register of Social Enterprises. Every two years, a formal reassessment will take place to see whether the enterprise still lives up to the 5 principles from the Code. In the meantime, a peer review (by fellow entrepreneurs from the Register) will take place regularly. This will be focussed on evaluation and advice. This creates a system in which the ‘impact first’ notion is guaranteed through formal assessment, whilst peer reviews ensure mutual reinforcement and growth.

How did the Code Social Enterprises commence?

In 2017, the Code Social Enterprises was developed by an independent committee at the request of Social Enterprise NL. Subsequently, the Code was tested extensively by a group of early adopters. December 2018 marks the establishment of the independent Foundation of the Code Social Enterprises - which manages the Code and the Register in the Netherlands. The Code is a living document: advancing insight can lead to improvements. Every two to three years (starting in 2019), the Code is evaluated – and revised as necessary – under the authority of the Foundation’s board.

Click here for the principles of the Code Social Enterprises.

For any questions regarding the Code Social Enterprises, do not hesitate to contact us via info@codesocialeondernemingen.nl.

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